Jennifer Port

Professional Scottish Harpist and Singer 07713 177087

Fèisean nan Gàidheal

Jennifer attended Fèis Chataibh (Chataibh: Sutherland, Jennifer’s home county in the Scottish Highlands) as a child and teenager and now regularly tutors clarsach at Fèisean throughout Scotland. She also organised the Fèis Chataibh Ceilidh Trail for five years, taking ten youngsters aged between 16-25 on tour during the summer; bringing live music to local communities and introducing the budding musicians to the rigors of being a performer.

Fèis (plural Fèisean) is the Gaelic word for a festival or feast. A Fèis is an opportunity for individuals to come together to develop skills in the Gaelic arts – song, dance, drama, and traditional music on a wide range of instruments. The focus of activity for most Fèisean is an annual, week-long festival, but increasingly Fèisean offer a full programme of year-round follow-on classes to ensure sustained provision.

The first Fèis to be held was Fèis Bharraigh which was held on the island of Barra in 1981. Inspired by the success of this first Fèis, many other communities throughout Scotland established similar events. There are now over 35 Fèisean, each one community-led and tailored to local needs.

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